Q: Do you print tags?
A: No, we just string tags, we are truly the printer's silent partner.

Q: Do you cut tags?
A: No.  Your tags must be cut to size and delivered to us bundled or packaged facing the same way and oriented in the same direction.

Q: Do you hole punch the tags?

A: Yes.  We prefer to receive all tags without the hole punched. Our machines automatically punch the hole inline.

Q: Do you offer corner rounding or folding?

A: No.  We work with your supplied tag as is.  It must come to us ready to hole punch and string.

Q: Can you work with round tags?

A: Yes.  Round tags must have a perforated / removable section that we can use to register the tag in place in our machine.
     (click here to see illustration)

Q: How long can my string be?
A. Cotton string lengths: 3" minimum length hole to knot - 8 1/2" maximum hole to knot.
    Elastic string 1 1/4" minimum length hole to knot - 4" or 5" maximum hole to knot depending on the type of elastic.
Q: What does "hole to knot" mean?
A: It is the distance from the hole in the tag to the knot in the string once tied.
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Q: Do you offer eyeletting?
A: Yes.  We offer brass, aluminum, nickel, or zinc eyelets.  The eyelet outside diameter is 1/4", and the inside diameter is 3/16".

Q: Can you ship directly to my client?
A: Yes, we offer Blind Drop Shipping directly to your client with your company name as the shipper. We remain anonymous

Q. What could cause my job to exceed your quote?
A. Situations that are unknown at the time we quote your job that affect production time and labor, can increase your cost.
   Which include:
     - Tags that are not cut consistenly to the proper size.
     - Tags that are not folded tightly and cut consistently to the proper size.
     - Tags that are not bundled or packed tightly facing in the same direction.
     - Tags that ripple or bow more than normal and require additional time and labor to correct.
     - Multiple lots of the same size tag.
     - We usually deal with any problems but if they are excessive there could be extra charges. We always check with you before we do anything.

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